For most people, fuel efficiency, reliability, and safety are the top things to consider when buying or leasing a car. Sure, that makes a lot of financial sense. But there’s a breed of speed lovers that can’t settle for less when it comes to automotive power.

There’s a clear difference between driving a 200hp car and blazing away in a 400hp machine. More horsepower means faster acceleration, higher top speed, and a lot of fun. The best part? Some sports cars are five-seaters; you can still own a fast car, even after marriage.

Electric Vehicles Redefine Fast Cars

The electric revolution has come with lots of advantages. But the most notable one is their role in reducing the carbon footprint. Besides that, they will make the next generation of hypercars.

Tesla, for example, is about to release an EV that can move from 0 – 60mph in a blurring 1.9 seconds. It might even qualify to be in the hypercar league as it comes with up-to-the-minute technologies and a retractable sunroof.

Honestly, nobody ever thought a relatively new company could come from nowhere and create a better EV than some of the big names in the auto industry.

Second-Hand Fast Cars are Cheaper

With a budget of $15,000, you can get a pretty fast vehicle in the used-car market. And it is probably the cheapest way to own a 400hp auto.

However, experts warn that used sports cars will eventually need expensive repairs down the road.

That might be true. But if you know how to buy a used car, chances are you will know when to walk away. Besides, people buy used cars all the time and get away with only maintenance and tire changes.

Drive Your Dream Car in Exotic Racing Schools

Let’s face it; only a handful of the world’s population can afford a supercar. The only option left for the rest of us is hiring one – even if it’s for an hour. And that’s what exotic racing schools offer.

If you thought students could bring friends and race them on the tracks, it’s not possible. Instructors are trained to give way to fast drivers and prioritize safety.