Fastest electric cars 2019

A couple of years back, it was hard to imagine the world would embrace electric cars. The idea was not even an option until Toyota released the Prius. Now, there’s a competition to deliver practical and innovative all-electric vehicles.

Besides zero emissions, electric powered cars are incredibly fast. They have fewer moving parts compared to their gasoline cousins, and they can access 100% of torque almost instantly.

The electric revolution has created a level playing ground in car manufacturing. New companies can now present an EV and be taken seriously – just like the established brands.

Here are some of the fastest electric vehicles the world has ever seen.

Tesla Roadster

A lot of chest-thumping characterizes the automotive industry. And most of the time, it’s just that. But when Tesla says their Roadster can gallop from 0 – 60mph in 1.9 seconds and have a top speed of 250mph, we all believe them.

Elon Musk has already revolutionalized the entire electric vehicle concept, and the Roadster is just a continuation of his works.

This EV is a four-passenger sedan with a glass roof that tucks neatly into the trunk. The exterior design is outstanding, and the interior comes loaded with up-to-the-minute technologies and quality finishes. However, this EV has not hit production lines yet, but it’s expected to be in the market by 2020.

Rivan: Sport pickup

Rivan wants to be the first company to deliver a practical and durable electric pickup with a boatload of torque and Buggati-like speed.

They have come up with a futuristic truck with a whopping 700 horsepower and 826 lb-feet of torque. That’s enough to tow about 11,000 pounds or carry 1,600 pounds in its bed comfortably. The range on this thing is estimated to be 400 miles, but that will depend heavily on speed, payload, and the terrain.

Aston Martin Rapide E

Based on the petrol Rapide, this all-electric car comes bearing all the luxuries of its sibling. From the aerodynamic exterior to the sleek interior, this car has everything you could ever want in a luxury car.

The automaker was not in a position to take risks on this one, so they reached out to Williams Advanced Engineering to design and manufacture the electric drivetrain for the Rapide.

The EV’s motors can crank out 602bhp, powered by a 65kWh battery. And it can move from 0 to 60mph in less than four seconds. That might not be as impressive as the Roadster’s performance, but it sure is something.

Final Word

Electric powered cars might still be in their infancy, but there’s a huge ray of hope shining from their corner. Expect to see a lot of activity in this space in the near future.