The Ferrari F40 was the first car to break the 200mph barrier. That happened in 1987 when the automotive industry thought the idea was crazy. But they were wrong.

The vehicle received a ton of attention from the community, and now some carmakers are trying to copy this success story. The best we’ve seen so far is the Hennessy Venom F5 with a whooping 301mhp.

Our sole aim is to keep you informed about everything that happens in and around the fast car space. Here’s what to expect inside.

The fastest petrol cars in the world right now

Only a handful of manufacturers take the fast car niche seriously. Most of them supply the world with “normal” cars as it makes more financial sense for them. However, that has not stopped us from handpicking the top four fastest cars on the planet.

Fast electric cars

Of all the things the world expected from the automotive industry, electric cars were the last thing on their minds. And now it seems like they are the future.

The vehicles can access 100% of torque almost immediately after pushing the throttle to the floor, and that makes them pretty fast.

Best racing games for speed lovers

The feeling that comes with racing an exotic car on a track is simply out of this world. That, however, is neither cheap nor for the faint-hearted.

The next best thing, besides that, is mobile car gaming. Mobile developers have come up with pretty interesting games, complete with nitro-powered hypercars and offroad monster trucks.

Exotic car racing Las Vegas

Since most people cannot afford supercars, the only option left for them is to hire one. Las Vegas has a couple of exotic car racing schools that teach people how to handle serious amounts of horsepower and have fun while at it.